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DAUTEL has developed and produced tail-gate lifts for over 60 years

A large number of intelligent solutions combined with high-quality materials sets new standards, for example:

  • Suspended tail lifts
  • Waterproof plastic case for external operation
  • Easy and logical operation
  • 2-point foot control accessible under load
  • DAUTEL Check control steering
  • Low-maintenance compound bearing bushes
  • Separate control circuits for external foot control operation

Typical DAUTEL –reliable, fail-safe, robust

  • Compact high-performance, lightweight hoist
  • Intelligent construction, high-quality materials
  • Simple, logical and fail-safe operation
  • Low maintenance and easy to service
  • 24-month guarantee and, optionally, 36-month
  • Extensive service network throughout Europe

The DAUTEL LIFTER, FOLDER and SLIDER substantially exceed the overload capacity of the nominal load in accordance with EC directive EN 1756-1 by a factor of 2.1. TÜV tested.


Low net weight
Compact High Performance Lifting Unit

The lifting unit with 2 lifting cylinders and 2 double-acting tilting cylinders with
reinforced chrome-plated piston rods is extremely torsion-resistant and highly
durable, designed in a round bracing tube construction with high clearance and
a 3-part underride guard. The platform opens hydraulically, even when the HGV
is turned off.
Plastic bellows and protective tubes protect the piston rods and the hydraulic
cylinder seals.

Powerful and Long-Lasting


Hydraulic cylinders
The hydraulic cylinders are some of the most important components. Therefore,
we place great value on the design, double guide and double sealing system
from brandname manufacturers, and reinforced chrome-plated piston rods.
Plastic bellows and protective tubes protect the piston rods and hydraulic
cylinder seals from dirt and stone chippings.

Guaranteed All Round Safety
Service-friendly drive

The low-noise BOSCH drive unit 24 volt with 2 kW motor and thermal protective
switch from DL 1000, (DL 750/950A/B, DL 100 and DL 1500L also
12 volt), in direction of travel, is protected against moisture and stone chippings.
All lines are easily accessible outside of the bracing tube. The hydraulic
hoses, made from thermoplastic with stainless zinc-nickel fittings,
are especially durable. High-quality components and a double safety control
system guarantee maximum operational reliability. Even if the footcontrol
fails, operation can still continue using the external controls because
they have separate control circuits. Additional manual emergency
operation is possible by means of the cable bridge. Only the easily replaceable
circuit logic with flasher unit is an electronic component.


Simple Operation
Simply logical
The ergonomically designed external controls are protected from dirt in a plastic
casing with a cover on the underride guard and may be optionally installed
on the right side of the vehicle. The waterproof toggle switches with spring
contact are particularly fail-safe – and are even easy to operate with gloves.
DAUTEL LIFTER, FOLDER and SLIDER are equipped with a
voltage monitoring system for the truck batteries. If the voltage drops below
a limit value, the flashing frequency of the platform flashing lights changes. The
foot switch/spiral cable remote control does not have a function. The device can be
controlled using the external control. This is how the user recognises that he should
first start the truck motor and then continue or end the charging procedure.


Long-Lasting and Low Maintenance

DAUTEL LIFTER, FOLDER and SLIDER are equipped with lowmaintenance,
Duo long-life floating bearings and large bearing surfaces, with
35 mm pin diameters for DAUTEL LIFTER as of DL 1000.


Extremely Quiet Operation
DAUTEL LIFTER, FOLDER and SLIDER are very quiet as standard.
A powerful 3kW motor is also available for the DL 2000S, DS 1500VA and
DS 2000VA as an option. The «Piek-Certificaat» confirms an operating noise of
59 dB (A) for DAUTEL, in conjunction with a noise dampening platform
coating and DAUTEL sealing system. This means that night deliveries
between 11.00 pm and 7.00 am are possible in the Netherlands.
The platform can be equipped with an optional noise damping platform coating.


Optimal Corrosion Protection
The steel parts are pretreated and lacquered with a thick layer of KTL, similar to
RAL 9005 black, which offered 1,000 hours of resistance in the salt spray test.
For users with higher requirements DAUTEL offers an additional optional
lacquering in a RAL colour. As standard, the DAUTEL LIFTER DL 500K,
DL 750A, DL 950A and optionally the DAUTEL LIFTER DL 750B,
DL 950B, DL 1500S – DL 2000S as well as the DAUTEL SLIDER DSVA
with hot-dip galvanized hoist gear and the DAUTEL SLIDER VA are
offered with a 2-part platform with hot-dip galvanized lift (bracing tube, lifting
arms, underride protection and suspension plates).

Classic I: Aluminium Platform Type N
The second workplace of the user:
Robust and economical

Classic II: Aluminium Platform Type K
The second workplace of the user:
Ideal for advertising

Aluminium-Platform Type P
For tough operation

Hot-Dip Galvanised Steel Platform
For extreme operation.